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Gather up your fastest, smartest, most creative, wittiest, and adventurous bubble crew because we, at Oliver Tourism have a challenge for you!

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun is too. So, we have created an exciting community event that highlights Oliver’s popular landmarks. You will be busy for hours as you race to complete challenges for clues before your rivals get them!

At every checkpoint destination, your team must complete a task, some mental and some physical, and only when the tasks are complete will you learn your next location.

The first team to arrive at the final-destination checkpoint doesn’t necessarily win The Amazing Race Oliver 2020 as there will be opportunities to collect bonus points that take seconds off your time. These could be game-changers so take note! Things like team colour and outfits will be noted and photos will be judged.

“This will be a good way for people to interact and have fun safely,” said Ian Lobb, Oliver Tourism’s Manager. “We’ll have all the COVID protocols in place,” he continued.

Personal protective masks will be mandatory and hand sanitizer will be available at all stations.

Our goal is to create community camaraderie and show others what an amazing place Oliver is. We hope to hold an Amazing Race in Oliver every year to have a little fun and celebrate our beautiful community!

What You Need To Enter

Yes, we’re embracing adventure this fall in Amazing Race style so gather up your best bubble group of four, a reliable car (and, no, you’re not allowed to speed!), lace up those sneakers, and charge up your phones (you’ll need them for pics!) because we’re racing around Canada’s Wine Capital for the title of Amazing Race Oliver Champion 2020!

What To Expect

The circuit is approximately 10 kilometres long. The first 5 kilometres, by car, begins at the Historic Fairview Mining Townsite. Then, you will park at the Oliver Visitor Centre and complete the second half of the circuit on foot. There will be some walking, photo-taking, and a little bit of running too, but all within the town limits.

The teams will be divided into Path 1 or Path 2. All teams will hit the same locations. You will discover clues at each checkpoint and be required to get something or do something before you go to your next destination checkpoint.

For example, Ian explained, “You may need to find out something from a specific location or there may be something you’ve got to do there.”

Perhaps this is a hint to brush up on your local knowledge!

At one point you will be required to take a group photo in front of the “Wine Capital of Canada” sign. Hmmm…this could get creative! You’ll also need to accomplish a fair number of wacky tasks in order to make it to the final destination.

The Amazing Race Oliver 2020 will be an exceptionally fun day that will likely have you in stitches — the laughing kind…hopefully not the kind that requires a doctor.

What is the Cost?

The cost is $80 per team of four. You must be at least 19 years of age to participate as there will be festivities that include liquor. Proceeds will support a local charity.

When is the big event?

The race will start with a bang, or more realistically, a “Ready, set, go!” on Saturday, October 17th at 4:00 pm. You can expect to be enjoying yourself until well into the evening.

Where and how do I register?

You can register at the Oliver Visitor Centre in person from Thursday to Sunday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Contact us at or (778) 439-2363. We accept e-transfers too.

Space is limited so make sure you register your gung-ho bubble group asap!

We don’t want anyone showing up feeling disappointed. This is going to be a great day and we want YOU to be a part of it!