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To kick off our new Oliver Tourism Itinerary Features we’d like to showcase some of the great things you can do at Baldy Mountain Resort.

Baldy Mountain is the third highest elevation ski area in British Columbia. It’s located between the Nk’mip Desert and the West Kootenay’s inland rainforest. In winter, you’ll find plenty of dry powder snow to play in here!

Snowboarders and skiers come here to ride the perfectly spaced glades and groomed runs AND snowshoers come to enjoy the peaceful forested and open trails. 

Baldy Mountain is a winter gem and an early spring wonderland for those who are looking to take advantage of warmer temps on the slopes. If you’re a snow junkie, you definitely need to plan a trip here!

Baldy Mountain Snowshoe Itinerary

Peaceful Snowshoe Trails


You will find peaceful and powdery snowshoe trails for all fitness levels at Baldy Mountain. The trails are free to use and paper maps are available at Guest Services. You can download them here too! You will also find posted maps at various trail junctions along the way so you know exactly where you are. 

Enjoy the stillness of the snow-blanketed environment. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot a hare. You will most certainly see their tracks!


From nearly the beginning, the mountain views will captivate you and leave you in awe. You’ll feel good getting exercise out in such a stunning environment.

See if you can make it to the famous “Stripper Pole” with all it’s garb!


Or to Gilley’s Cabin where you can relax with a thermos of tea and a snack and take in the distant mountain views. The cabin is equipped with a little wood stove, counter top, sink (no running water), table, chair and a little loft if you’re feeling adventurous and want to bunk here for the night. 


Yummy Eats at Baldy Bar 

What makes a day outside playing on the powdery slopes even better? When you can take a break and fill your belly with some good hot comfort food and wash it down with a delicious fizzy beverage like a Firehall Brewery Holy Smoke Stout! 

The Baldy Bar offers all kinds of yummy treats including a deliciously gooey and meaty poutine, cheesy nachos, and a good ol’ juicy Baldy Burger.

Cozy up inside or sit outside and watch the action from a little outdoor patio. Then head back out on the mountain for more snowy fun!




Bring Delicious Moon Curser Wine

Oliver and Osoyoos wine country is chalk full of amazing wineries. There are over forty to choose from!

For this feature, we are showcasing the amazing Moon Curser Vineyards which has a really fun story. The Moon Curser name pays tribute to the gold smugglers who used to sneak gold across the border at night under the watchful eye of the border guards. The smugglers would curse the full moon when they were easily spotted and captured!


The bottle labels are a fun depiction of the story. On each bottle you can read a story segment and admire the silhouetted characters. Perhaps a fun keep sake to plunk a candle into when it’s finished, don’t you think?

Moon Curser Vineyards also makes a lovely bubbly called Moonlit (showcased below), a perfect pairing with a hot tub and your romantic partner!


Stay at Wapiti Creek Lodge

It’s been a perfect day out on the snowshoe trails. You’re spirit is full and so is your belly and now you’re enjoying bubby in a hot tub at Wapiti Creek Lodge. What is better than that? Knowing that you’re going to spend the night, or weekend if you’re lucky, snoozing in a comfy bed and that you get to repeat the same fun tomorrow!

If you want this to be your experience, Baldy Mountain Resort has a slew of accommodation options including rentable cabins and lodges. Wapiti Creek Lodge is just one. It’s a beautiful log house with three separate suites each with it’s own deck and hot tub.


You can also enjoy Wapiti Creek Lodge’s outdoor firepit in the driveway. Remember to bring the hot dogs and marshmallows!


Baldy Mountain Ski (and Snowshoe) Area – Lots of Fun To Be Had!

Baldy Mountain Resort is a wonderful place to play in the winter and early spring.

We’re at the tail end of the season now so hurry up if you want to get some spring action in before they close for the season!

Whether you’re an adult, kid, or even a dog, you’re going to have a blast! Start planning your trip now or download this Baldy Mountain Itinerary and keep it in your vacation folder for next year.

Hope to see you on the slopes!