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Rust Wine Co.

The evolution of rust is unscripted. Its colours emerge from the touch of nature and blend into entirely unpredictable formations. Rust therefore serves as a perfect metaphor for wine. While people can nudge the process along its way, the final product is determined by the life of the vines, the development of the vintage, and the moment or memories of its enjoyment. One of the most wonderful characteristics of wine – which it shares with rust – is that it is truly alive, evolving and timeless.


Our home vineyard 'South Rock' was originally purchased from the Crown in 1963 by John Tokios. In 1968 it was planted to Okanagan Riesling, Bacchus, Chancellor and other hybrid varietals that have since been replaced. This makes it one of the earliest established sites in British Columbia.

In the early 70’s the first vinifera was planted – Gewürztraminer, which was recommended through the Becker Project, often considered the second stage of BC wines evolution. The vineyard continued to be upgraded with more suitable varieties and now grows Gewürztraminer, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and some of BC’s only Zinfandel.

This is a truly special site located at the most southern end of the Golden Mile Bench – BC’s first sub appellation. Visitors to Rust will enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in the valley overlooking the Black Sage Bench to the east and Osoyoos to the south, as well as the rolling hills behind the winery that bathe in the Okanagan light.



Our labels are photos taken of various interpretations of rust found all over British Columbia and beyond.

Guests of the winery submit their artistic rust shots over the year and we choose those that we feel match a specific varietal best. We then feature the photographers name on the back label along with the subject and location. The labels will change yearly as we find the many shades of rust that strike us as beautiful moments in time.

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